birthday parties, showers and party favors

birthday parties, showers and party favors

Monday, October 10, 2011

Needing a Halloween Costume?

If I learned anything at last week's art show, its that kids love ponies and super heros!  And for those kiddos that are aspiring knights, jockeys or cowboys or cowgirls, why not top off your costume with a gorgeous, very pettable, surprisingly durable stick pony? 

Stick ponies are just $6!

Or for your young super hero, why not a mask, wrist shields and shield to keep away those evil spirits and bad guys?  I can customize your shield with your super hero initial or alter ego's initial.

Get all three pieces for just $10 with initial!  That's a great deal!

Thanks for your support!

Thanks for all the support at last week's Art on the Avenue Festival in Del Ray!  For those of you that braved the rain, cold, and wind- you are fantastic! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art on the Avenue is Saturday, Oct. 1!

Here is a showing of what you can expect at my booth for Art on the Avenue on October 1 in Del Ray, Alexandria, VA!    Here is a quick list, see below:
  • Pirate treaure boxes
  • Super hero shields, wrist shields and masks
  • Bug and critter boxes
  • Lollipop bouquets
  • Halloween and Pirate ball toss games for parties
  • stick ponies
  • pumpkin clippies
Please say you will come and show your support not only for me, but for the other artists who have been hard at work creating fabulous pieces!
Here is a link to the Art on the Avenue site:

Super Hero wrist shields and masks

Bam! Splat! Zam!  These wrist shields and masks will help your super hero fight off the the nastiest of villains.  Add a shield for more protection!  Masks and wrist bands come in yellow, red, green, blue, and black and have assorted lightening bolt and bam emblems in assorted colors.

Wrist shields are $2 a pair

Masks are $1

Doctor bags

My little ones love to take care of their baby dolls and stuffed animals and these doctor bags allow them to do just that!  Every bag has a set of colorful band aids so they can minister to their doll baby's nastiest boo boos, a set of lollipops to make the patient's day a bit sweeter, a tongue depresser, and a doctor's signature card that you can personalize at home. 

Doctor Bags are $4 each

Halloween party to go!

Some folks liket o create their own party favors, and I think that is great, but why not put them in an adorable Halloween party bag?  Bags have a pumpkin pocket and lollipop ghost peeking out.  And about that party, want to celebrate Halloween without complete costumes?  Why not a witch hat of sorts? 

Party hats are 4 for $1

Pumpkin pocket favor bags are 2 for $1


Pumpkin and Christmas Tree Clippies will have your little darling looking just, well, darling! 

Clippie Barrettes are $3 each

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ball Toss Game

Ready, Set, Aim!  The perfect party addition to your Halloween party or Pirate party!  These games can be used year after year and come with two bean filled balls. Make game more or less challenging by moving your guests further away or closer to game board.  Kids of all ages will enjoy.  Offer prizes (any of my favors would work great!) when kiddos make their target.

$10 per game, each game comes with two bean balls

Lollipop Bouquets

These simple but sweet bouquets are the perfect favor for a candy land party, tea party, princess party, garden party or slumber party!  Arrange in small votive holders or vases as decoration at your party and distribute as your guests leave.  These sweet nosegays also make the perfect birthday present topper as well!
Flavors and colors vary. 

$1 each, each bouquet contains 3 lollipops

Bug Boxes

Does your little bug just love BUGS?  Well, then this is the perfect party favor for them!  Creepy crawly critters sit atop a circular box with a screened top to let real bugs breathe or to allow your kiddo to peek in at the real thing or the rubber bugs that come with each bug box. A treat is also included with each box. Boxes come in pink, lime green, orange, blue, yellow and turquise.  Bugs and treats vary in each box.  Bugs can be painted with little sayings or the recipients' name for a minimal charge.

$3 each
$1 charge for personalization

"My two year old son Balin absolutely loved the bug boxes from Lucy's bug birthday party. He was happy to see his box personalized with his name and he loved playing with the collection of bugs in the little round box. He had so much fun catching bugs in his box, looking at them and take them out. This was a great party favor for little people who want to explore.

Sara is great at creating fun activities and treats. She is extremely imaginative and has a knack for knowing what kids will like. Any party planned by her will definitely be unique and entertaining."
- Sherri Hunt, mother to Balin, 5 and Athena, 3

Stick Ponies

Your guests will never "neigh" for these- only Yeahs! for stick ponies!  Colorful horses with white mohawk manes or pink feather manes will add whimsy and fun to your pony party.  Perfect birthday gifts as well!  Assorted colors available, but you can request specific pony colors with assorted ear and eye colors.

Bonus: These ponies act as a great favor and perfect party game in one!  Stick pony races in your yard are the perfect companion to a party full of sugar and sweets!  Show your guests the "track" and line them up and start the race.  Extra points to those who whinny with delight!

$8 per pony or $7 per pony with your order of 3 or more

"I wanted to let you know how much Olivia loved the stick pony from Harper's birthday party. We still have it!  She rides it all around the house and plays with the "hair" as she calls it. She wanted to go back and pick another color! Such a cute idea and by far a great favor.  Thanks again !"
-Emily Jones, mother to Olivia, 4 and Annie, 1

Treasure Boxes

Ahoy Matey!  These treasure boxes are sure to help your pirate party set sail!  Available in blue, red, metallic copper, black with orange glitter, pink with assorted hand-painted designs.  All treasure boxes are filled with a piece of candy, a pirate eye patch, and pirate tattoo.

Bonus: these boxes act as a party favor and game in one!  Hide your treasure boxes in your yard or party room and have older kids follow a map to find them or have younger kids look for them, similar to an egg hunt.  Young pirates love to hunt for treasure!

$5 per treasure box

"My sons enjoyed searching for the hidden treasure chests and were thrilled to find them filled with pirate-themed goodies.  The designs on each box were unique, creative and clever.   To this day, these pirate boxes still sit on their dressers, where my sons fill them with an ever-evolving collection of their own treasures.  The boxes have held up quite well and bring back great birthday party memories."
-Deborah Bagocius, mother to Ronin, 6, Xavier, 4 and Ellery, 1

Super Hero Shields!

The perfect party favor for your little heroes in training! These shields also make great birthday presents on their own.  Set up a photo booth to take pictures of all your guests ready to take on the bad guys!
Choose from blue, red, pink, purple, green and orange colored shields with lightning bolt, "bam" symbol or star symbol.  Optional initial decoration for a nominal extra charge.

$6 each or $5 with your purchase of 3 or more
$1 per shield for initial decoration

"We have super hero day at school and I was needing a shield to go with my son's costume and to also hand out as prizes to the students in his class. After looking at a few stores and online I found these and they are perfect! All the kids received one with their initial on it and had a great time playing with them."
-Lauren Fahey mother to Max, 3 and Molly, 2

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"I didn't have the skills nor the room to successfully plan a party worthy of my 5yr old. I live in belleview and as much as kylee wanted to have a party at home we just couldn't do it. Sara was a lifesaver. She offered up her home and her imagination to make it a very memorable experience. My daughter(now 6) still talks about her candyland party. My favorite was the invites. They were made with actual candyland game pieces. My daughters favorite was the ice cream bar. Ice cream with your choice of candy toppings...yummy! It was a successful theme party with froot loop necklaces,gamepiece stepping stones,huge lollipop decorations, and cupcake pinatas.
Thank you Sara for all the help! I  honestly don't know what I would have done without you."

- Stacey Sherman, mother to Kylee, 6

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art on the Avenue on October 1!

Please check back next week for a complete showing of what you can expect at my booth for Art on the Avenue on October 1 in Del Ray, Alexandria, VA!    Here is a quick list:
  • Pirate treaure boxes
  • Super hero shields
  • Bug and critter boxes
  • Lollipop bouquets
  • Halloween and Pirate ball toss games for parties
  • stick ponies
  • pumpkin clippies
Please say you will come and show your support not only for me, but for the other artists who have been hard at work creating fabulous pieces!
Here is a link to the Art on the Avenue site: